WATER IS A PRECIOUS RESOURCE, and we work hard to ensure it stays clean and pure. We actively preserve, protect and monitor its use on our orchard

Maungatapere Berries recognises the absolute value in both limiting our water use as much as possible and also protecting the water resources that we have. We are lucky that we live in a fairly temperate climate, meaning we get lots of sunshine, but equally a good deal of rain, and any captured rainwater is collected for further usage (in our 9 million litre reservoir) or injected into the underground aquifer for the benefit of all in the region (at an estimated rate of 63 million litres every year).

With our kiwifruit blocks, because they are designed to allow rain to fall through the canopy to reach the roots, heavy rain that runs over the surface is captured and returned to lake on the property. The water is diverted through a small wetland area and riparian plantings which is planted to filter any nutrient and silt particles to keep the lake and the stream that it feeds into clean and clear.

We also regularly test our water to make sure it is safe for our fruit, our workers and our consumers

We are committed to protecting all of our valuable resources so that we can continue to grow sustainably into the future.


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