Our SUPER SWEET Solberries deliver a tropical BURST OF FLAVOUR and are a UNIQUE new variety  Add them to your favourite recipe, or just DEVOUR them straight out of the pack!

We have developed a new variety as a special tropical delight. Unique to Maungatapere Berries in New Zealand be sure to ask your retailer to stock them from late Summer to Autumn. These berries are a delicate peachy-yellow colour and are different to anything else you’ve tried before. Solberries taste almost floral, with a tropical flavour and are less tart than raspberries. The sweetness combined with a mellow taste means they won’t overpower other foods you pair them with.

Each berry is delicately hand-picked by our dedicated harvest team, and quickly taken to our on-site packhouse where they are immediately chilled and then gently packed, ready for you to enjoy.



Amount per 100grams

Energy kj/cal 144/35
Total Fat (g) 1
Dietary Fibre (g) 3
Vitamin C (mg) 14
Folate (µg) 33
Postassium (mg) 170

Solberry Stockists

Our Solberries have just been launched to the market and are currently available in selected Countdown Stores in Auckland & Huanui Fresh and GAS Maungatapere in Whangarei.



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