We have STRICT CONTROLS in place to ensure all fruit is picked and packed in a HYGIENIC way, completely ONLY TOUCHED by gloved hands

Our berries are also totally untouched by human hands during the picking and packing process. The berries you receive are safe to eat unwashed, unlike some other berry brands out there there is no risk of e-coli infection.  Our pickers and packers wear gloves and use a gentle touch so not only are the berries sanitary, they are also unbruised – absolutely perfect for your gorgeous recipes or just eating straight from the punnet.

We also have a thorough cleaning and sterilisation process for our picking jugs at the end of each day. We have a separate area when they are cleaned and commercially sanitised and dried – all ready to be sparkly clean for the next day’s picking. No nasty germs lingering in our jugs!

We follow the same processes for the handling, preparation and storage of our bottled and frozen products as well.


Take comfort in knowing that our berries are hygienically handled!