GROWING BERRIES SUSTAINABLY with passion and innovation in all areas of our operation

Following a long history of driving innovation and enterprise in the New Zealand apple, pear and summerfruit sectors, we (the Malley family) saw an opportunity to put down roots in Northland and create an exciting new diversified horticulture operation that was true to our family values of high performance, passion for quality, integrity, innovation and environmental, social and economic sustainability. It was from this vision that Maungatapere Berries was brought to life in late 2015.

The family all work in the business, and play to our individual strengths to achieve high performance across every aspect of the operation. From the beginning, our goal has always been to grow the tastiest, freshest, highest quality berries in the country. We asked questions like, ‘How do we make our berries consistently long storing, bigger and sweeter?’, ‘How can we grow and harvest berries, every day, for twelve months of the year?’ and ‘How do we deliver safe food that can be traced back to the individual picker and the individual plant?’

Our lush volcanic orchard nestled beside Maungatapere mountain, near Whangarei, is the perfect combination of climate and location to build our dream.


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